Creative Expression
Creative Expression
E6: Rob Cooper: A Glass Artist from Jackson, Mississippi

In Episode 6 of the Creative Expression podcast, Emily Bishop, a senior visual artist at Mississippi School of the Arts, chats with Rob Cooper, a glass artist from his home city of Jackson, Mississippi. As a native of Jackson, Rob has seen many changes in the mid-town city arts scene. Emily gets into the grit about Rob’s job at Pearl River Glass Studio and how it has affected his artistic career.

According to the Mississippi Arts Commission, while he has spent the last several years making work for commissions and gallery shows, Cooper plans to spend at least part of his Fellowship year deepening his knowledge of the history of the art form and trying to find ways to incorporate classic design elements into his own work.

“I’m trying to re-educate myself and learn more about the history of stained glass and bringing that to what I do,” he says. “I don’t want to get too wrapped up in one style where that’s what I’m known for. That works great for getting recognition, but at the same time I don’t receive as much satisfaction from it,” said Cooper.

Stained glass art is an interest of many. From church windows and historic homes, to private collections antique adorners, glass art remains in place a timeless artwork. According to Cooper, the process of creating stained glass hasn’t changed much since medieval times. Find out why in this audio podcast episode.

Emily Bishop (Host, visual arts c/o 2019), Rob Cooper (Guest), Digital music by Thomas Hart (Media c/o 2018)