Creative Expression
Creative Expression
E8: Commencement 2019 for the Mississippi School of the Arts

Listen to the Mississippi School of the Arts’ Commencement 2019. Speakers include Dr. Sebrina Palmer, director of professional development and state special schools at the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), Dr. Nathan Oakley, Chief Academic Officer at MDE, Lydia Taylor (salutatorian), Zoe Holley (valedictorian), and Alysia Steele, the author of Delta Jewels. The commencement ends with a special composition by Patton Rice (Vocal Music instructor) entitled “To This We’ve Come,” sung by members of the MSA Chorale.

Commencement was held May 23rd, 2019, at Hurst Auditorium, the fine arts center for Southwest Mississippi Community College.

Suzanne Hirsch (executive director), Debra Henderson (principal), Photos by Tommie Hart and Tammy Stanford, Intro music by Thomas Hart (Media c/o 2018).